Real Madridでのマーケティング経験もあるマーケティング・スポーツマネジメントのFernandez-Cantelli教授による模擬授業です。

We would love for you to join for our on-line Master Class ‘The ultimate play-off: Sport vs. Covid-19’ by IE Professor Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli.
The sport market is facing times of change. The effects on the Covid-19 in sport properties have a direct impact not only on revenue but also in the way in which those are managed and structured. We will start this session with the discussion of two approaches that guide the structure of sport franchises. Then, a framework that explains the professional sport ecosystem will be presented and discussed. The next element of analysis will be the importance of fan engagement which will be evaluated using the South Korean market as an example.
Finally, we will debate on the challenges that sport managers face in the near-future and how sport properties should prepare.